Wood Lamp to Identify Skin Problems Review

Friday 8 December 2017

Wood Lamp to Identify Skin Problems Review

Cosmetronic Beauty Equipment have kindly provided me with this wood lamp, which is used to identify skin problems such as skin dryness, sun spots, acne, other pigmentation and alike. It's a product that is dedicated for dermatologists' or beauty salons' use and helps beauticians to pick the right skincare treatment for their patient. I had a go at it myself and I think that it's a great device for someone who knows what they are doing. Unfortunately, I could not use it on myself and I had to count on my friend who is just as inexperienced in using such type of equipment to tell me what she saw. The device is used in the dark and has to be plugged in to the socket. I put on some cotton pads for eye protection after making them wet, otherwise, they would not stay on my eyes, then put my head into the black bag that you can see in the picture and my friend told me what she saw. Then we swapped. The device magnified the face hugely and I could see that my friend had a lot of sun damage, which is not normally visible in the normal light.

Although I think the device is very good and it appears to be of high quality I found it of little use to myself as, firstly, I could not check my own skin and, secondly, I believe you need to have seen many other faces and learn how to compare them - by looking at only one face it is difficult to know how interpret what you see. Still, it seems to be a good tool for a specialist and I would definitely recommend at least to have a go at using it first and potentially incorporating it into their practice.

Wood lamp for testing skin quality

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