Min's Beauty Equipment: 2017

Friday 8 December 2017

Wood Lamp to Identify Skin Problems Review

Cosmetronic Beauty Equipment have kindly provided me with this wood lamp, which is used to identify skin problems such as skin dryness, sun spots, acne, other pigmentation and alike. It's a product that is dedicated for dermatologists' or beauty salons' use and helps beauticians to pick the right skincare treatment for their patient. I had a go at it myself and I think that it's a great device for someone who knows what they are doing. Unfortunately, I could not use it on myself and I had to count on my friend who is just as inexperienced in using such type of equipment to tell me what she saw. The device is used in the dark and has to be plugged in to the socket. I put on some cotton pads for eye protection after making them wet, otherwise, they would not stay on my eyes, then put my head into the black bag that you can see in the picture and my friend told me what she saw. Then we swapped. The device magnified the face hugely and I could see that my friend had a lot of sun damage, which is not normally visible in the normal light.

Although I think the device is very good and it appears to be of high quality I found it of little use to myself as, firstly, I could not check my own skin and, secondly, I believe you need to have seen many other faces and learn how to compare them - by looking at only one face it is difficult to know how interpret what you see. Still, it seems to be a good tool for a specialist and I would definitely recommend at least to have a go at using it first and potentially incorporating it into their practice.

Wood lamp for testing skin quality

Monday 4 September 2017

Are Laser Treatments the Best Way to Treat Skin?

Aging is a natural process, and none of us can avoid it. But that doesn't mean that you have to put up with all of the things that happen as you age, especially skin problems. Wrinkles, sags, and scars are all treatable thanks to today's modern skincare technology. The only problem is that you have to take the time to find the skincare treatment that will work for you.

Some people gravitate toward laser procedures to correct skin problems. Others don't have any skincare procedures at all because they think their choices are lasers or nothing. But there are actually lots of skincare procedures to pick from, so lasers should just be part of the list that you consider when you want to correct your own skin issues.

When to Consider Having a Facelift?

A facelift is just one procedure on the skincare list, but it can be an excellent choice in some situations. However, you should only consider having a facelift if your skin problems are quite advanced. For mild to moderate skin problems facelifts are just not appropriate. They can be expensive and time consuming. They can even be physically risky at times.

When Laser Procedures Are a Better Choice?

Treating your skin with medical lasers for skincare is certainly still a valid choice. But you should only choose that option if your wrinkles and sags are still only moderate. Laser devices can perform precise treatments to help you reduce wrinkles and reverse some scarring. There are even plenty of laser procedures that can revitalize your skin in a more generalized way by encouraging internal strengthening of your skin's cellular structure.

If you do decide to have a laser treatment, just be sure to take the time to select one that is appropriate. For example, an ablative laser procedure is one that can have a dramatic impact on the outer layer of your skin, but that isn't always necessary for treating certain skin issues. In fact, ablative treatments can sometimes do more harm than good if they are used to treat the wrong conditions or skin types. A non-ablative treatment, which only treats lower skin layers, might be a better way to clear up your skin issues, depending on your personal situation.

When to Use Other Procedures for Skin Improvement?

Other types of skincare procedures may be better options than either laser treatments or facelifts under certain circumstances. For example, if your skin concerns are mild then a simple cream or lotion applied regularly may be all you need to revitalize your cells and regain your healthy glow.

Even if your skin concerns are moderate lasers aren't the only treatments available. Chemical peels or microdermabrasion procedures are just a couple of your other choices. Either of those procedures can treat the surface of your skin and achieve similar results to laser treatments. 

Coming Up with a Final Skincare Plan

When it comes time to come up with a final skincare plan the best person to ask is your dermatologist or a clinician at your local skincare clinic. They are trained in skincare matters and can explain to you exactly what the pros and cons would be for you if you were to undergo laser treatments or any other skincare procedures. After sitting down with them you can determine which treatment to use and what aftercare procedures you will have to follow to keep your skin looking as good as it possibly can.