Biologique Recherche Facial - Facelift Using Just Hands

Sunday 22 March 2015

Biologique Recherche Facial - Facelift Using Just Hands

Friday was a pamper day. I had an amazing facial with Biologique Recherche. Amie, the therapist, spent the whole 2.5 hours talking to me about my skin, giving me some general skincare tips and giving me an amazing facial which left my skin noticeably tighter, lifted and wrinkle-free (except for a few around the eyes lines that I get when smiling).
Biologique Recherche BR facial at EF Medispa
Biologique Recherche facial at EF Medispa, London

Biologique Recherche (BR) has a very unique attitude to ageing and cosmetics. They do not claim to make people young again, but they try to slow down the ageing by using their holistic approach to skincare. They do not go for the extreme cosmeceutical approach that often rips skin off the top layer, imbalances skin's ph neither they use ineffective mass market products that are hardly able to achieve any results due to them being too generic for individual skin. They look at skin as a part that is interconnected with the rest of the body and they try to solve skin problems by looking at the bigger picture. Biologique Recherche have a huge number of skincare products to offer a bespoke solution to every client.

Biologique Recherche facial at EF Medispa by Amie
Beauty therapist Amie from Biologique Recherche
at EF Medispa
Let's go back to the facial that Amie did to me on Friday. The BR facial was very long with a massage that helped me disconnect from the outside world and some pinching and pulling movements along my face to achieve the lifting effect. At the end she used a galvanic device to push some extra ingredients deeper into my skin. Some ice at the end of the therapy closed my open pores. Amie asked me if I could see a lift in my face when I was still lying down on the treatment bed, but it was too difficult to see. When I eventually stood up and looked at myself in the mirror I was really impressed as my face looked noticeably younger and lifted! How could she lift my face with her hands, it's impressive! Amie claims that she pushed a lot of ingredients into my face by massaging it, which gave me outstanding result. Also, the result is not only short-term.

There is some more stuff coming my way that has been selected specifically for me by Amie. This is how things are done at Biologique Recherche - everyone is different and unique and everyone's skin is treated accordingly.

Watch out for more posts on Biologique Recherche to see if their pick for my skin was better than any other products that I use based on my own judgement. Looking forward to trying out their lotion, serum, cream and a few other things.

Do you use any products that you can't normally get in your convenience shop without it being prescribed by a therapist, dermatologist or any other expert? Have you ever been given a facelift with hands?

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