Thesis Face and Eye Serum, Face Mask and Scrub Review

Wednesday 18 February 2015

Thesis Face and Eye Serum, Face Mask and Scrub Review

Thesis face and eye serum, face scrub and mask are a bit different products from what I am used to seeing. So, what's so different about Thesis products?
Thesis eyes and face serums, scrub and mask review
Thesis eyes and face serums, scrub and mask

First of all, the mask and the scrub come in a powder form and it's not something I have seen before. There is always the first time! Thesis face and eye serums are both in oil form. They are made from premium cold-pressed oils and organic essences, no synthetics. The ingredients in both serums are similar. Both contain jojoba, grapeseed, argan, rosehip, palmarosa and some other oils together with vitamin E.

Although I am generally not a huge fan of oils as they stay on my face without getting absorbed by my skin, I enjoy using these ones. Essences have been added to give the Thesis products a wonderful smell and not the usual smell of cooking oil, which I must admit is a big part of why I don't normally enjoy applying oils to my face. Like usual, these oils do not get easily absorbed into my skin, but they don't feel very thick like most of others, so I don't mind them too much. Also, the serums give my skin a wonderful glow, which is a big plus.

Thesis face serum claims to be a perfect nourishment for dry, damaged skin, which I perfectly believe as the only reason it doesn't get absorbed into my skin quite easily is because my skin is not dry (although it used to be!). I tried the face serum on my extremely dry hands at this time of the year and the serum got absorbed instantly. I like the fact that Thesis made it clear that the face serum is a lullaby for dry skin, instead of trying to convince that it's the best product for everyone, even though the person ends up with a layer of grease on their face for the rest of the day. Well, they have other products to match your skin type.

Thesis Face scrub and mask review
Thesis Face Scrub and Mask review
Thesis face mask and Thesis face exfoliant are great products too. The scrub gently removes buildup of dead skin and the mask revitalizes face as it's loaded with antioxidants, skin renewing vitamins and acids. A teaspoon or two of each has to be mixed with a bit of water to achieve desired consistency and then the products are applied on face. During the application the mask kept getting tight on my face, so I kept spraying water, otherwise, I would not have lasted the recommended 15 minutes. Also, they both have quite clinical smell. It felt a bit like I was at a dental clinic as the smell bore resemblance to the smell of fillings, especially those in the old days. Well, even though the products remind me of a dental practice more than a spa, they are effective and I felt totally content with the result after removing all of them from my skin. My skin felt more even and super clean, ready for a moisturiser before bed. Thesis face scrub and mask could be used to infuse some glow into your skin before a date night, for sure!

Thesis has kindly advised that the mask drying time depends on humidity levels that are normally lower in winter, so the mask dries out quicker. A few drops of oil could be added to the mask to remedy the situation.

Thesis face serum for dry skin and the eye serum both cost US$19.95 each, Thesis face scrub and the mask are also US$19.95 each. As mentioned before, they have other products to match your skin type, which is always a benefit.

Have you ever used any masks or scrubs in powder form? Have you tried Thesis products? Do you use any eyes to face oils?

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