How To Treat Hormonal Acne - the Cream that Cured My Skin

Tuesday 10 February 2015

How To Treat Hormonal Acne - the Cream that Cured My Skin

All right, maybe a better title for the post would be "How I Successfully Treated MY Hormonal Acne" as, obviously, we are all different and things that work for one person do not necessarily work for another. Nevertheless, I found something that worked for me right after reading an article in the Daily Mail about a mysterious dissapearance of a miracle acne treatment called PanOxyl. Clearly this is a product of choice for a lot of other people. I didn't research about this topical product as I trusted the source which claimed that the gel had actually disappeared from the market. Also, I never believe anything until I get to experience it for myself, so why would I think that this cream was better than any other acne cream or treatment that was sold over the counter that I had already tried?
Hormonal acne spots are often located on your chin
Hormonal acne spots are often located on your chin

Let's go back to my story. Approximately a week before my period I get these nasty spots on my face. they usually stay there for approximately two weeks or sometimes longer. Occasionally they do not even go away in a cyclical manner as they are that big and annoying, to say the least. I am still totally confident that it's all to do with my hormones as the pattern is obvious and all the other symptoms are there too, such as pimples form around my mouth and lips, chin and jawline; my acne spots are often cystic and sometimes take ages to go away.

I am a creature of habits and I struggle to change my routine for the sake of getting rid of pimples or even to balance my hormones. Plus, although I like the idea of things being natural, I don't often find natural treatments to be very effective.

Totally accidentally I found a cream in my drawer which I knew was there for ages, but I never picked it up nor had a look at what it was for. Recently, somehow the cream ended up in my hands when I was looking for some other medicine for my sore finger. It read "Quinoderm for acne". "Wow" - I thought as I didn't remember buying any cream for acne such a long time ago. Acne spots were something fairly new in my life, i.e., something I acquired after having my two kids, together with the "much loved" hormonal imbalance. Anyway, I looked at the expiry date on the acne cream tube and it said that it was September 2011. Should I use something that expired such a long time ago? Well, I had an awful spot on my chin and a couple of other smaller pimples in the same area and somewhere on the bridge of my nose. What do I have to lose trying? Quickly I applied the cream and went to bed without thinking too much.

In the morning, to my big surprise, the smallest spots were already gone, the medium spot had somehow started to dry out and the huge pea sized monster on my chin somewhat started to look a little bit less monstrous. Wow! This is the first acne cream that actually worked on me. Previously, I noticed that Skinceuticals retinol cream which I infrequently, but regularly applied on my face, had some positive effect, but certainly not even close to this magic!
How to get rid of acne vulgaris - topical pimple product
Acne vulgaris topical medicine Quinoderm

I quickly went to google for Quinoderm for acne cream and I found that all suppliers had run out of it without any further information as to when exactly they were going to have the miraculous acne cream back on the market. Now, no way I am getting rid of this wonder product even though it was four years past it's expiry date. I carried on using this cream three times a day and it cured all my pimples beautifully, even the massive pea sized spot on my chin. This is by far the best treatment I have had for acne. To be honest, I didn't even believe that it was possible to cure acne vulgaris with topical over-the-counter medication.

Suddenly I remembered the article in the Daily Mail and I quickly ran to check for the name of the cream to see if it was Quinoderm for acne that Iona Bain was talking about. No, she was talking about PanOxyl, an over-the-counter topical gel, however, the main active ingredient there was benzoyl peroxide which is the same as in Quinoderm cream.

You will probably struggle to buy the product that I have, but I have checked PanOxyl out and it doesn't seem to be a problem to buy this one, regardless of what the DailyMail stated. I haven't tried it out myself, but, given that it has the same main active ingredient and some reviewers on various sites said that they had switched from Quinoderm to PanOxyl with at least as good or even better results, I believe it will kill acne spots just as effectively.

The only warning is: be prepared to a bit of dry and flaky skin in the area where you are using the cream. Also, make sure to use the cream only on the spots and not on your whole face unless your whole face is affected. Your face needs to be squeaky clean or it won't work, at least for me it doesn't unless the pimples and the surrounding area are very clean. Don't use any moisturiser on top. Apply the acne product two to three times a day for maximum effect and always follow the instructions.

If you are struggling with acne or hormonal acne like me and still haven't tried Quinoderm nor PanOxyl, I think these are your best shots and you have no excuse not to try them, especially given that the former one costs approximately £2-3 and the latter only £4-5. Make sure that you buy the cream with benzoyl peroxide of 10% for maximum efficiency.

I am quite pleased to say that I found my favourite product that cured acne spots on my face and I hope that some of you will benefit from this information as this chronic skin condition can lead to depression, negativity and in more severe cases even suicidal thoughts, so it's not something to be taken lightly.

Have you ever had acne? How did you treat it? Did you manage to cure it, any advice?

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