Professional Beauty Show at London Excel, 2015: Review and Highlights

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Professional Beauty Show at London Excel, 2015: Review and Highlights

Crowded at the Professional Beauty Show at London Excel
Professional Beauty Show in London Excel is one of the shows that every girl who has any interest in beauty should visit. The show advertises itself as a professional expo, i.e., the show for beauty practitioners and all those working in the industry, but really it's a great event for everyone. People in the industry can find beauty product suppliers, make connections with brands, learn about and acquire beauticians and beauty salons' software, attend educational seminars or simply watch live demonstrations of various beautification techniques that beauty professionals use in their practices.

The event took place on the 22-23rd of February 2015 in London Excel centre. I attended only the Sunday show, but it was enough to get an idea. The Show is a big and busy event with lots of stands of various sizes and exhibitors showcasing their products. In one end there were more beauty products such as lipsticks, hair extensions, eyeshadows, nail polishes and alike, the other end was dominated by skincare brands and large stands, which reminded me of the Anti-Ageing Health and Beauty Show in its nature. The only difference between the shows is that the Professional Beauty Show is a lot bigger and it is more varied, but I am sure everyone would find something interesting for them in both of them. From an exhibitors point of view, Professional Beauty seemed to be a lot busier, especially if I compare it with the Anti-ageing Show in Manchester, but I don't know how busy it is in the other cities where @pro_beauty has its presence. Maybe they are a lot emptier there too?

Let's see what I saw at the Professional Beauty Show in London. Obviously, I saw a lot more than what you'll see in the pictures, but I did not wear Google Glass to film it all!
  • When I turned up, there were some incredible models with spectacular make-up, costumes and hair art. The girls looked phenomenal. Professional Hair Direct were responsible for this outstanding show. 
Professional Beauty London Expo - Professional Hair Direct
Professional Hair Direct with their stunning models
  • Thanks to RejuveMe for the celebrity moment I had - when somebody you don't know comes up to you and says that they recognise you from your blog, believe me, it feels rather fab. I have been in touch with Nicki before through social media though, so it wasn't a completely random encounter. I have already tried their rejuvenating drink called EverGreen. More about EverGreen in the future, but below is a picture of their product in case you are curious..
Professional Beauty London Show - RejuveMe EverGreen
RejuveMe EverGreen drink that improves sports performance
  • Wonderful Shea butter products from Aviela. They felt really moisturising and had a very pleasant consistency.
Professional Beauty London Expo - Aviela
Aviela outstanding shea butter products
  • Zephorium Soul Tonic has a range of products to restore your moods depending on your concerns. They talked about chakras and how their tonic helps balance them. The dark purple one is the one that I requested to improve my mental performance and levels of concentration. You have to spray Sephorium Soul Tonic into the air and breath it in. You can do this multiple times throughout the day. It smells quite nice, so it might work a bit like aromatherapy, I guess.. 
Professional Beauty London Exhibition - Zephorium Should Tonic
Zephorium Soul Tonic balances chakras through smell
  • There were lots of devices and consultants to give you a free skin analysis test in case you wanted to know how badly your skin had been affected by exposure to sun, humidity levels and other factors that affect your skin quality.
Professional Beauty London Expo 2015 - free skin analysis
Free skin analysis
  • The Abnormal Beauty Company with they abnormal colourful energy drinks. They claim that their Fountain drinks give us energy in a very subtle way, i.e., they make us energetic like Red Bull does, but they do not give the rush and anxiety that is often accompanied by the mentioned popular product. Also, the drink can target specific concerns, such as aid sleeping, give us confidence, mental energy and so on. Pretty impressive!
Professional Beauty London Show - Fountain drink
Fountain energy drinks from the Abnormal Beauty Company
  • Also, for those that wish to have various treatments done there and then, there were plenty of options to choose from: semi-permanent make up, teeth whitening, eyelash extensions, nail art, micro current facial, massage and lots more.
Professional Beauty London Show - semi permanent make-up
Semi-permanent make up

Professional Beauty London Show - teeth whitening
Teeth whitening

Professional Beauty London Show - eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions

Professional Beauty London Show - nail bar
Nail bar

Professional Beauty London Show - Nouveau facial
Micro current facial by Nouveau
  • Hair styling demonstrations on stage. 
Professional Beauty London Show - live hair demonstration
Hair styling live demo
  • Some of the stands that I enjoyed and took snaps of were: Clayspray, Elemis, Hammam Ritual. I think the winner was Elemis who brought a double decker to the show. The bus had a spa on the first floor and a shop downstairs - pretty impressive! People queued up to see what's inside.
Professional Beauty London Show - Clayspray
Clayspray stand

Elemis stand at Professional Beauty London 2015
Elemis double decker bus stand

Professional Beauty London Show - Elemic double decker stand
Elemis bus stand

Hammam Ritual stand
Hammam Ritual stand

  • I have been a fan of the French salon skincare beauty brand Guinot for a while. I have used their Guinot Technispa equipment for getting rid of cellulite, so when I saw their massive stand at the Professional Beauty London expo, I was hesitating to come up to them and talk. Nevertheless, I mustered the courage and I ended up having a very enjoyable conversation with the guys. Also, they kindly offered some products to try out, so you will definitely be seeing some reviews of Guinot in the future.
Guinot products received at the show

Did you go to the Professional Beauty London expo in Excel? Do you go to any beauty shows? If so, which ones?

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