Surya Brasil SAPIEN Women Body Scrub and Shave Gel

Tuesday 20 January 2015

Surya Brasil SAPIEN Women Body Scrub and Shave Gel

Surya Brasil SAPIEN Women Body Exfoliant
The scrub with wonderful smell
Recently I have been spoilt rotten with various scrubs. I received a lovely organic peat face exfoliant from OGRA, then JOE coffee bath and shower body exfoliator and now Surya Brasil SAPIEN body scrub from the online shop called The best thing is that they are all amazing. I love organic peat products and OGRA offers just that, Joe's coffee scrub leaves body wonderfully moisturised and Surya Brasil's SAPIEN body skin scrub is pure luxury.

When I first opened the giant 300ml tube of Surya Brasil's exfoliant, a totally outstanding smell came out of the bottle and I kept breathing it in. I only wish I could somehow transfer the smell via a blog post! Unfortunately, I can't do it, but it's that good!

Joe's scrub is wonderful, but I know that some people hate the mess that a coffee scrub can leave behind in their bathroom and that puts them off using a scrub all together. Well, SAPIEN women exfoliator is probably the cleanest scrub I have had. It's all transparent with only tiny pieces of Coconut bark and organic Buriti, which like a slime glides on your skin leaving no dirt on your body, nor in your bath tub or shower. It's really non-messy and gives that luxurious spa experience when using it. When I first tried the scrub I knew that it was not a cheap exfoliant that you normally get in Boots or Superdrug. It costs £33.99 and it feels that it is priced right as it's totally worth it.

The non-messy luxurious scrub with amazing smell

Surya Brasil SAPIEN Women Shave Gel
The Shaving Gel
Together with the scrub I received the SAPIEN Women Shave Gel for Razor Shaving, also by Surya Brasil. It's also a brilliant product as it has the same wonderful smell like the scrub and the same slimy and non-messy consistency, which ensures that the tiniest piece of the gel will be enough to shave the whole leg or anything else that you might be shaving.

Surya Brasil's shaving gel comes in a 200ml tube and costs £15.99.


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Lovely shaving gel

Do you use any body exfoliators? Which body scrub is your favourite and why? Do you shave or you are are an advocate of various heat therapies for unwanted hair removal? C'mon, share with us!

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