Ground Coffee Body Scrub by JOE Not Only Removes Dead Skin Cells but Also Leaves Skin Moisturised

Friday 2 January 2015

Ground Coffee Body Scrub by JOE Not Only Removes Dead Skin Cells but Also Leaves Skin Moisturised

Ground coffee body scrub, pic 1
Joe's ground coffee body exfoliant
Why buy a ground coffee body scrub when you can have your own homemade exfoliant for, literally, no cost? Well, if this is what you think, then keep on reading...

Are you getting fed up with lots of various exfoliants? There is another one and one more out there and you have to try them all... To be honest, I have been quite lazy with using any exfoliating stuff recently and when I heard from Joe about his coffee scrub the only thing that intrigued was the fact that it was made of coffee. Sometime in the past I used to make a homemade coffee exfoliant myself. I would have a cup of coffee first and use the leftovers to mix up with an exfoliant bought in a shop. I would rub my body with the mixture to make my skin feel very soft and clean. So, this is why I decided to give joe coffee body scrub a go. I was curious how the social dude Joe put his product together.

At first when I opened the pack it looked like coffee. I laughed: "At least I have a cup of coffee first and only then use the remaining bits in the shower, but this one is just some ground coffee, nothing more!". How wrong I was! It's not just a coffee, it has lots of other ingredients added to it and, although it smells like coffee, the product leaves skin amazingly moisturised. Seriously, I didn't feel like I needed a moisturiser after using joe exfoliant, which I found quite cool as it saved me time and effort after shower.

Joe's ground coffee body scrub, pic 2
Joe's ground coffee body scrub

I realised how very cool this product was when I reached out for it the second time in just a few days. I wanted to use the product as I was enjoying it. Most of the time I feel obliged to use stuff, because I paid for it or it may have some benefits for my skin..

Joe's ground coffee body scrub, pic 3
Joe's ground coffee body scrub
The moisturising benefits come from the botanical and the essential oils. The ground coffee scrub achieves similar effect as the product that I talked about when I was reviewing the Anti-ageing Show in Manchester. The salt scrub by Kedem was amazing, but it cost the whooping £55, which I thought was way too much even though the product was lovely. Joe scrub achieves the same moisturising effect and it has the price tag of $16 Canadian dollars, the British currency equivalent is approximately £8.80. Joe's product is affordable, in addition, it gets rid of dead skin cells, it is 100% natural without any harsh chemicals such as parabens, unnatural fragrances and other nasty stuff, so it's a good deal.

I also like the fact that it exfoliates better than most of the other scrubs that I've had. The other ones are simply too gentle to my liking. This coffee product is perfect.

I feel quite happy to have been introduced this beautiful thing as this is my new favourite scrub now. It is not part of my boring routine, but it's the product that I enjoy using.

Do you exfoliate your skin? What is your favourite body scrub?

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