Did a Fortune Teller Know That My Sister Would Die?

Wednesday 24 December 2014

Did a Fortune Teller Know That My Sister Would Die?

Christmas Eve. It is this time of the year that brings me back to my childhood, the time when Christmas Eve was magical. Cattle would talk on the onset of Christmas day, water would turn sacred in all wells around the world and anyone who believed in magic would take advantage of this special night to talk to the dead relatives and ask them various questions about their own or their family's future.

Can a fortune teller tell your future?
These were magical times and I remember Christmas Eve as a really unique special day when everything was possible. It was not about presents and it was not just another night to go out and get drunk as it is in the UK. It was a very special day that you got only once a year.

Part of me longs those wonderful traditions that we had when I lived in Lithuania, but another part of me is happy. English traditions seem to be a lot simpler and certainly less magical; this kind of comforts me these days.

My family would often celebrate Christmas Eve together with my best friend's family. We would say some prayers (not that I was ever religious!), have our huge dinner, which was not allowed to contain any meat, eggs, diary or any alcohol, and my sisters together with my friends' sisters would go lock themselves in a room and do magic. Yes, they did magic, they called spirits of the dead people that they had known and asked them questions. They always took it very seriously and never let us, little ones, into the room. They claimed it was very dangerous as they had to call the spirit, but also had to send it back, otherwise, we would end up with a haunted house..

I don't know all the details about the magic that my sisters did, but I know they knew quite a few ways of doing it. One of them was using a plate and some paper with some writing on it. The person concerned asks questions that can only give you a yes or no answer and the plate would turn on its own indicating whether it was a yes or a no response. Most of the time nobody would tell me what questions they asked and the responses they received, but I do remember once my sister telling me that she had asked whether my mom would live for another 10 years, then 20 years and the same questions about our dad. All answers were a clear yes, but when she asked a similar question about herself, she said that strangely she did not understand what the reply was.. Nobody took too much notice, but I do recall my sister saying it.. Now it's way more than 20 years later and my both parents are still alive. They are well into their seventies now.

Christmas tree
My sister Martha (I invented the name for my own comfort) was an extremely intelligent bright girl and it is strange that she believed in magic. I guess magic was more like a game rather than a genuine belief, but just in case the girls seemed to be always very careful when they did it.

One day Martha decided to go and see a clairvoyant. I have no idea why an intelligent person would do it, but she did. When she came back she looked a bit concerned; the clairvoyant refused to tell her her future or she could not see anything, and, therefore, was not able to tell her her future. I cannot remember the exact words that my sister used, but the concept is the same. Some time later my sister's heart stopped, for no reason and she passed away.

Could the clairvoyant see my sister's future? Did the plate know the answer to all those questions that the girls asked on a Christmas Eve? Was everything only a coincidence?

I don't believe in magic and I am a very sceptical person. I only believe in things that I can see for myself, so no clairvoyant can tell me my fortune. Nevertheless, every time on a Christmas Eve I remember this story and I always wonder how this all happened. Is it really just a coincidence that the fortune teller refused to tell my sister her future, could she possibly really know anything? It's weird, because I don't believe magic or anybody's ability to tell somebody else's future, but somehow I treat these things with respect and I am very careful, just in case..

Do you believe in magic, ghosts, spirits, clairvoyants, fortune tellers and similar things? If so, which ones and why?

I Wish You All a Merry Christmas!!!!!

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