CHIA DERM+ Lip Balms

Monday 22 December 2014

CHIA DERM+ Lip Balms

ChiaDerm+ lip balms with chia seeds
Amazing ChiaDerm+ lip balms that smell great and feel perfect on lips
I have a pleasure to introduce these wonderful lips balms by Chia Derm+. They are all natural organic  products with chia seed extract that offers a unique blend of natural ingredients with proven clinical results. I can't test the ingredients myself, but I can assure that the balm is very pleasant to use and it is by far the best lip balm I have ever had. It has wonderful, but completely natural smell which reminds me a bit of some citrus fruit, long staying power when applied on the lips and it comes in a variety of sizes. I always reach out for this balm when I want to keep my lips moisturised and protected even though I have a variety of other emollients at home. I have this lip balm in three sizes: one giant 50ml plastic jar, one approx. 10.4ml tube and a smaller tube of approx. 4.4ml. Watch out for my further posts as this will soon be offered as one of the prizes in my giveaways.

The founders of the company are big advocates of chia seeds. They discovered that the seeds have anti-ageing, anti-inflammatory, healing and skin protection properties and, therefore, incorporated this little seed into everyone of their products.

All Chia Derm+ products are completely natural, organic, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic products.
Chia Derm handmade soap
A complimentary ChiaDerm+ hand made soap received with the lip balms.
It smells of eucalyptus and looks so good that I nearly had a bite of it!
Thankfully, I only licked it! :)

Chia balm is paired with bergamot, a rare Italian citrus fruit extract with medicinal properties which I suspect is the one that gives the balm its unique amazing smell.

The chia ointment can be also used for age-susceptible areas that require hydration or special care with staying power - lips, around the eye area, elbows, knees, feet, hands, cuticles, between fingers, etc. It's great for burns, cuts, pruritic (i.e., dry and irritated) skin, expediting the healing process and reducing redness and scarring.

The company also has a ChiaDerm+ serum which I probably prefer over argan oil or barbary fig seed oil extract due to its a little bit more runny consistency, however, personally, I am not into skincare oils due to my skin's inability to absorb any greasy substances, therefore, I am not going to talk a lot about the serum in my blog post.

Last things last, I am very pleased to say that the company volunteered to provide a set of these balms for one of my giveaways, so watch out a new giveaway as one set will soon be offered to one of my readers.

Which lip balm is your favourite? Where do you buy it? Which qualities do you appreciate the most in lip care products?

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