Unbelievable OGRA's (Organic Irish Peat Skincare) Story and Product Reviews

Monday 8 December 2014

Unbelievable OGRA's (Organic Irish Peat Skincare) Story and Product Reviews

OGRA face and body scrub, moisturiser and mask
OGRA peat exfoliator, anti-ageing moisturiser and mask
OGRA is one of the brands I had a pleasure to chat to at the Anti-ageing Show in Manchester a few weeks ago. The company uses Irish organic peat as their main unique ingredient in their skincare products. Peat has some great skincare benefits, but you have to read their story to believe the real benefits of the bog.

How was OGRA born?

When Bill, the founder of the company, was still a child he badly burnt his hand. His mother wrapped his hand in peat to soothe and calm the scalded skin. It took only four days to totally rejuvenate and heal the skin.

As an adult, Bill was already aware of the benefits of peat on human skin, but there were more events to witness the power of the bog. In 2003, a dead body was discovered in the bog near where he lived. It was suspected to be a murder case, however, after some tests it was established that it was the body by an Iron Age man who lived 2500 years ago. The body was unbelievably well preserved, which further reinforced Bill's belief in peat's incredible abilities to preserve and rejuvenate skin.

Two years later Bill undertook the task to scientifically research and prove the benefits of peat. The scientists confirmed them and that's how OGRA was born.

The Truth

I certainly love OGRA's story, but there is something more to the bog than a special type of soil. Bog bodies get mummified due to low temperature, highly acidic water and lack of oxygen, so it's not just the peat itself. It's the whole environment that works well on human skin. Nevertheless, there is no reason to disbelief in peat's skincare benefits. Peat, also called a therapeutic mud, is highly used in Lithuania for various treatments and there is a well known resort there, called Druskininkai, to which people flock not only from Lithuania, but from other parts of the world too.

Review of the products received at the Anti-Ageing Show

Anti-Ageing Facial Moisturiser

OGRA organic Irish peat exfoliant, moisturiser and beauty mask
OGRA exfoliant, moisturiser and a face mask

I am really enjoying OGRA's moisturiser. It kind of reminds me of my at some point favourite Estee Lauder face cream or moisturiser in its consistency, but I have been trying out lots of products since becoming a beauty blogger, so I got to learn a lot about other face creams and moisturisers too. I don't stick to the same old brand anymore as there are some better ones or at least as good ones out there. Some of which are only half price or even less than Estee Lauder products.

Now I am here to talk about OGRA's moisturiser. With pure Irish peat as a primary ingredient OGRA's Anti-Ageing moisturiser contains an abundance of mineral components, fatty acids, antioxidants and lipoids. The moisturiser increases collagen production and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles leaving skin revitalised and rejuvenated.

OGRA claims the following results after using their face moisturising product:

  • Skin is rehydrated.
  • Wrinkles appear softened.
  • Collagen production is increased.
  • Complexion appears more radiant.
  • Skin feels smoother.

I can't confirm the production of collagen as I can't measure it, but I do confirm that my skin feels smoother, softer and more radiant. I am very happy with the moisturiser and my husband is the best critic. He loves the light consistency and the fact that the product wonderfully melts into the skin.

Price EUR 59.95.

100% Peat Face and Body Mask

Peat has excellent moisture retaining qualities which improves skin elasticity and enhances health. The mask is fully black and it's not very thick. After applying it on my thoroughly cleaned face I kept it for 15 minutes as directed. I kept splashing it with water to avoid the mask drying out too quickly. Once washed off my face skin felt incredibly smooth and radiant. I enjoyed the result, so I give the mask my thumbs up even though the application process is a little bit messier than with some other masks that we can buy off the shelf.

The mask is suitable for any skin type and it is particularly good for problem skin such as acne, psoriases or  eczema. Some people experience a bit of redness or tingling on their face during or after the application of the mask, but this ir totally normal as peat promotes the blood to come to the surface of the skin. An exchange of ions in the skin tissues occurs which has some positive rejuvenating powers; the harmful positive ions in the skin are exchanged for the good for your skin negative ions.

The mask costs EUR 59.95.

Monoi Tiare Petal Exfoliant

OGRA's exfoliant is very good too, but I am not a huge fan of physical exfoliants. I recently got hooked on chemical exfoliation which I am going to talk about at some point in my other posts. It is still a good product and, if you do like to exfoliate, you are going to like OGRA's product.

Price EUR 41.95.

Final Word

Have you ever heard of Irish peat or any other peat benefits? Have you heard of OGRA? Which cosmetic ingredient do you value the most?

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