The Anti-ageing Health and Beauty Show in Manchester, November 2014 - Review & Highlights

Tuesday 11 November 2014

The Anti-ageing Health and Beauty Show in Manchester, November 2014 - Review & Highlights

The Anti-ageing Health and Beauty Show which took place in Manchester Event City on the 8th and 9th of November is over. Show participants and visitors have had some time to think about what went right or wrong and so had I. Below are my thoughts.

The Show was great from a visitors perspective. There were some amazing brands offering new products at introductory discounted prices, demonstration of various cosmetic procedures and speakers that talked about how to prevent ageing and so on.

For exhibitors it must have been a different story as the event seemed to be eh... empty. Saturday was totally quiet, Sunday was a bit busier, but still nothing to match the promised 16,000 affluent consumers as advertised on their website for exhibitors. Not even close..

Let's review some of the products that I enjoyed the most at the Show:
  • Ogra - Organic Irish Peat skincare brand. The company has a very interesting history which totally makes you want to try out their products. I was listening to a girl from my home country talking through the benefits of their products and how the brand came to existence. I found the story fascinating, therefore, I will write a separate blog post about it at some point. Also, they gave me some products to try out. One of them is a moisturiser that you can see in the picture. I started using it straight away as I believe in skincare benefits of peat. The moisturiser feels really good on my skin, but I'll talk about it later in another post.

Peat skincare range
Ogra Organic Irish Peat Anti-aging Facial moisturiser

  • Melody-Claire Elegant Depilation hair removal system sounds outstanding. The lady brushed my arm in a circular motion in one direction, then in the opposite direction and the hair was gone. She says that it goes away from the root. Impressive! I would like to try!

Hair removal system review
Melody-Claire Elegant Depilation hair removal system 

  • Power board and massage device by Casada. Another two great devices, both of them very powerful. The power board looks small, but it can be used for gym as it can stay on for many hours a day. It can also be used at home. Unlike massive power plates that we often see in gyms, this one is very convenient even for home use due to its size. It's not less powerful either. I am in love. I tested the massager as well and it's also very strong and really relaxing. 

Power board and massage device home use or for gym
Power board and massage device by Casada

  • The Magic Lamp. Off course it's nothing magic about it. It uses the same LED technology that I wrote about before in this article, however, the company advertises the device as a weight loss aid. If you have the lamp on while exercising, it makes you a lot more energetic, which in turn makes your exercise session more enjoyable and helps you lose weight too. Other benefits that are more difficult to quantify include the following: slows down ageing, works as SAD light therapy which helps combat winter depression.

The Magic Lamp
The Magic Lamp

  • Salt scrub by KEDEM is another product that left a good impression on me. I tested it on my hands, but it is mainly used in the shower and works instead of a moisturiser. You use a little bit of salt to rub your body with, wash it off and your skin stays moisturised for a week. I am not sure about that week thing, but if it shortens my daily routine even by one step, then it's worth a try. My hands felt really good after the scrub.

Salt scrub
Salt scrub moisturisation

  • Heat packs and snoring aid are other two great products. The heat packs can be microwaved and stay warm for 20 minutes to half an hour. They can be used for neck pain or anywhere else on your body. There is even a heat pack for eyes. The snoring aid may be used for teeth grinding as well.
Microwavable heat packs and snoring aid
Heat packs and snoring aid

  • There were demonstrations of cosmetic procedures and treatments which I enjoyed watching, but I will talk about them later when I have the videos ready.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and do visit the Show next time. It's fun.

Have you ever been to any anti-ageing, health or beauty show? Do you enjoy this subject?

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