Don't be Sad - Use SAD Lights to Beat Winter Depression

Tuesday 4 November 2014

Don't be Sad - Use SAD Lights to Beat Winter Depression

As winter months are fast approaching, natural daylight is becoming more of a commodity. Most of us miss long summer days and even if we don't miss our bodies still react to the lack of sunlight. Some people even develop symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or winter depression, also called winter blues.
Seasonal affective disorder lights to combat winter blues
SAD light therapy

Symptoms of seasonal affective disorder include lack of energy, tendency to sleep longer, overeating, insomnia, anxiety, withdrawal from social engagements, loss of sex drive, weight gain or loss. All of this leads to depression and can make a sufferer's life very miserable during the dark months. Funny enough, but this may be a human form of hibernation.

Is there any way to address this problem or is it the misery that people simply have to learn to live with? Few of us still know about SAD lights. No, they are not sad, they are actually quite happy. A lot of people react very well to them and report mood improvements. On Amazon you can buy one for as little as £40. With light of 10,000 lux illuminating the room like a daylight on a hot summer day you should quickly see the difference. A lot of people feel happier after using the light box, even though a lot of the reviewers may have not necessarily been diagnosed as having SAD by their doctors. Nevertheless, it's good to know that somebody feels more cheerful than they otherwise would be feeling in winter without the SAD therapy.

Please consult your doctor before using the lights if you have any of the following:
  • Severe depression
  • Hypersensitivity to light (diabetes, epilepsy, etc.)
  • Eye problems (cataract, glaucoma, etc.)
  • Taking certain medication (antidepressants, malaria tablets, etc.)
  • High blood pressure
Other than that, have a happy winter and stay pink, not blue!

Have you ever tried SAD therapy? Did it help?

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