Dirty Marketing Trick By Skincare Companies That You Must Be Aware Of

Sunday 5 October 2014

Dirty Marketing Trick By Skincare Companies That You Must Be Aware Of

Marketing Tricks
Dirty tricks that skincare companies use to sell their products
Have you ever seen a face or an eye cream that gets rid of your wrinkles instantly? I mean, instantly! Magic? No, it's a marketing trick that some companies use.

In May, I went to the Anti-ageing Show where I tested and listened to companies presenting their products. One of them was VineVera, which I mentioned to you all before in this post. I got a little free sample of their face cream which felt good on my skin. What I also tried was an eye product, which was applied to my skin by the guy who I assume was the owner, marketing director or something like that representing the company. He was sweet, but I am sure that he used a marketing trick on me to convince me to buy their product. Although I didn't buy it as I already had lots of stuff that would take me years to use up, I was very tempted.

So, what was the trick used on me?

First of all, I was asked to sit down. The guy looked at me attentively, then he wiped off some of the make-up that I had around one of my eyes, of which I had a lot; I had tried to conceal my dark circles. He applied some eye cream and showed my eye to me in the mirror. It looked impressive! The contrast between the two eyes was huge. The area around one of them seemed to be very wrinkly in comparison to the other. The seller asked me if I was impressed and, obviously, offered to buy the product.

I knew that I had lots of make-up and the area around my eyes looked a lot wrinklier with make-up on than it was without it, so I pointed this out to the chap, but, also, I noticed something else when I got home. Even without any make-up the area around one of my eyes is less wrinkly and I know why. It's due to my sleeping habits. I sleep on my front, which means that one side of my face is squashed against the pillow when I am asleep. I always keep my face on the same side and the area around that squashed eye is a lot wrinklier than the area around the other eye where skin doesn't get squashed every single night for approximately seven hours! And it's not only the eye area that suffers from my bad sleeping position at night, but also when I look closer I can see my whole cheek skin is a bit distorted. Obviously, I am the only one who can notice it, but it all makes sense to me now! I realised that the marketing guy of VineVera spent a couple of seconds comparing my two eyes to identify if there was any noticeable difference between my eyes in terms of wrinkles and he chose the eye with less wrinkles to demonstrate the cream's immediate effect. Also, when I asked how a cream can possibly have an instant effect, he said to me that it was nano technology, which is nowhere mentioned on their site!

So, beware! If something is too good to be true, wait, give yourself time to think about it and act later. If you still think it's a good product, then buy it. There is no rush, but giving yourself time to think may save you a lot of money in the long run.

Final word

Have you ever fell for any marketing tricks? If so, what were they? Did you ever get convinced into buying something that you later regretted?

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