MoYou Nail Art Review

Sunday 28 September 2014

MoYou Nail Art Review

easy nail design
MoYou nail art ideas
MoYou nail art is a new innovative nail art form. MoYou doesn't use stickers, but creates their own stickers from the lacquer which is placed onto a chosen design on a nail art plate. This creates multiple options for nail art designs and it is a lot cheaper than buying stickers.

If you are looking for simple, easy nail art ideas or designs and you consider yourself a beginner, then MoYou nails may be your solution.

To be honest, I have not used MoYou myself, but I saw the guy stamping designs at the London Anti-ageing Show in May. He was very quick and he made it appear to be very easy. He caught me as I was walking past his stand at the exhibition and offered me to demonstrate how MoYou works. My nails had no polish on them, so I was a perfect target for demonstration. However, I wasn't a good candidate to buy their products as I don't look after my nails, simply due to lack of time, not lack of interest.

What comes in a MoYou box set?

  • Nail lacquer, £3.99.
  • Nail art plate, £4.99.
  • Nail art stamp and a scraper, from £3.99 to £7.99.
  • If you would like to have a box with your set, you have to buy the box separately as well, £8.99.

Nail art for beginners
MoYou nail art set

How to use MoYou nail art?

  1. Apply the MoYou nail lacquer on the design (picture) that you like.
  2. Remove excess lacquer with a scraper using a 45 degrees angle.
  3. Use the stamp to remove the nail art design using a rolling motion.
  4. Transfer the design from the stamp to your nail.
  5. Apply MoYou top coat for a longer lasting result.

Simple nail art ideas
Nail art plates and a scraper

How was the nail in the first picture done?

  1. First of all, plain white lacquer was used to make white design for the tip of my nail (5th column from the left on top of the page of the above design plate)
  2. Then black lacquer used to create a top coat with a patterned design.
  3. A transparent top coat applied for longer lasting results.

What do I like about MoYou?

  • Seems to be fairly straightforward to use. I am sure you need to practice a little bit before you become good at stamping your own nail stickers, but once you learn how to use the kit, it looks really easy.
  • Much cheaper than nail stickers.
  • Each plate has a few pictures, so gives you a few easy design ideas.

What do I NOT like?

Unfortunately, the nail art didn't last long, maybe a day or two before it started to come off. My hands do get soaked in water during the day quite a lot, but I would still expect my nail art to last longer than this to make the effort worthwhile.

Final word

In this blog post I have reviewed MoYou nail art. It is perfect for beginners nail artists as in minutes you can transfer multiple designs on to your nails.

Do you look after your nails? Do you colour them in one colour or use some other nail art form?

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