List of 10 Best Beauty Bloggers

Monday 26 May 2014

List of 10 Best Beauty Bloggers

Kim legs' selfie
What would you expect to see in this article? The famous virtual celebrities with millions of followers? Well, if this is what you are looking for then don't bother reading. This is MY list of top 10 beauty/fashion bloggers and it is totally biased and subjective. Here the focus is the personalities behind the blogs and this is what I rated, not even their blogs, but the girls.

I hope everybody has a bit of a sense of humour and nobody will get offended. If you do find anything offensive, please let me know and I will amend the article immediately.

So, I love the bloggers, but I am not saying that their blogs are not good. Quite the opposite, all of them have something interesting and unique about them, so read on to find out more.

This is an numbered list of the ten best beauty/fashion bloggers, however, it is not ordered in terms of preference:
Sissi smacking her own bum
  1. Miri from Glamdevils is a wonderful warm person. Actually she is so warm that sometimes I start feeling hot when reading her posts.. Check her out!
  2. Sissi from Beauty4Free2U is another hot lady. I am saying this, because she obviously likes to look and feel sexy and she didn't even mind when I said to her that I would come and smack her bum if the product that she recommended was not good. She says that she smacks her own bum from time to time. See, I got the evidence!
  3. Tracey from FaceUpBeauty is a lady who I haven't known for very long, but somehow she is just so cool and easy to virtually be around, that I had to include her into this list without further questions asked. I keep bumping into her on all my social networks and she seems to remember me, so she is obviously cool. I doff my cap off!
  4. Sam from FrillsAndThrills is another awesome girl, who is not short of comments. She always posts those cool celeb outfits just to remind us how miserable our lives are. So is yours, Sam, so is yours….
  5. Demi from BeautyAndTheMist is a young mommy, who I can totally relate to. She sits all day in front of computer feeling guilty that her house is full of cobwebs and dishes only get done when it's a complete emergency. Cheers to the new generation of mommies!
  6. Jackie from Beautify is a very good person. She wakes up at four o'cock in the morning, makes the strongest cup of coffee one can imagine and spends all day commenting on other blogs. How can you not respect the person who is very often the first one visiting your blog after a new post has been published?
  7. Angel from Pinkoolaid is warm and glam. She looks like a teen and makes me wonder why she knows so much about anti-ageing treatments… Maybe this is one of her well-hidden secrets?
  8. For Rena from DressedWithSoul life is a one endless story. Nothing ever happens to anyone else, but her. A few times a week she cooks up some new things that happened to her while she was doing the most normal stuff. And why on Earth can I not cook up a story that happened to me while I was eating dinner, while I was doing some shopping, climbing up the hill or having a cake in a cafe shop?  She is a working woman, who does all those family things and still manages to keep up with her blog. Well done to Rena!
  9. Lilli in a "baby grow"
  10. Kim from Rock4Less is another girl that is not short of words. I always admire people who can write a long comment even when there is little to write about. All right, she gives it a break from time to time. Kim is exceptionally talented when it comes to taking pictures of her own legs. Every one of those selfies could go straight to Tate Modern. Check her out!
  11. Lilli from CandyAndStyle is a warm character with an exceptional ability to dress herself like a child and still look very chick and funky. Her blog is not to be missed!
I hope everyone has a bit of a sense of humour and nobody will take anything I said too seriously.

Please don't get offended if you didn't make it to the top ten this time. I am sure I will do another list of the top beauty bloggers at some point, so who knows maybe I will add you then.

I have literally stolen the pictures from some of the mentioned blogs without asking, so please let me know if you would like me to remove them and I will do it immediately. 

Final word

Who is your favourite blogger? Do you read any of the mentioned blogs?

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