The Anti-ageing Show 2014 - Review

Monday 12 May 2014

The Anti-ageing Show 2014 - Review

What is the anti-ageing show?

Teeth whitening at the anti-ageing show
Teeth whitening
The anti-ageing health and beauty show is an event dedicated for the beauty and anti-ageing industry. A lot of skincare brands, food supplement companies and clinics offering anti-ageing treatments come to the event to pitch their products. Brands have stalls with their products laid out for people to come and see, possibly test and buy them if they like. There are stalls with various beauty equipment, such as teeth whitening kit, dielectric resonance technology, ultherapy. Some of them you can even try out for free, others are available for a discounted price at the show.

Just to be clear, now I will only be talking about the Anti-ageing show in London Olympia, which happened on 10-11 of May. I haven't been to any other anti-ageing shows here in the UK, so their format may be different.

There were four stages at the event where speakers talked about general benefits of various skincare, anti-ageing or fitness products, such as ultherapy, cool sculpting, Frotox, dracula PRP facial, hydro facial and lots more. You could even join a free flamenco, self defence, yoga or facial yoga class. There were plenty of things to do and learn, so you don't get bored.

There was a Taro stand for those who wanted to know their future, massage and other feel good stands. You could find some weird and questionable stuff too: energetic facelift, business opportunity from learning the bars and a lot more.

It's a biannual event. The next anti-ageing show is in Manchester on 8-9 of November.

Who would benefit from attending this type of show?

Ultherapy demonstration at the anti-ageing show
Ultherapy demonstration

Anyone who cares about their appearance and wants to know more about various treatments, techniques and products available in the market. It's a perfect opportunity to keep yourself up-to-date with what's happening in the anti-ageing sector.

Also, people wanting to find business partners, opportunities or looking for suppliers for their skincare or similar shop will definitely leave the show with a lot of contacts and ideas.

My experience

Here I would like to mention a few things that attracted my attention the most:

VineVera cream and serum at the Anti-ageing show
VineVera - nano tech eye care cream and serum as claimed by
the company representatives

  • I enjoyed watching the ultherapy treatment demonstration, which was done by Jane Oliver from Clinica London. Also, the presentation that she did was very extensive and educational.
  • I learned about galvanic devices from Nu Skin. I had heard about them before, but I didn't know what they were used for nor how they worked. Now I also understand why my two Guinot Technispa sessions that I had a few years apart gave me very different results.
  • I found some very interesting nail art products by MoYou, which I had never seen before. I will share them on my blog at some point.
  • I tested some nanotechnology skincare cream, which evened out my lines around the eyes in seconds. I called the guy who put that cream around my eyes a wizard and asked him to show where he was hiding his magic wand (only joking!). To be honest, I didn't see nanotechnology being mentioned anywhere on their site, so it may have nothing to do with nanotechnology. I was probably only told so to shut me up.. lol.
  • I met a lady from Beauty Masks whom I had been chatting to on Twitter. That awesome woman gave me a silly amount of masks to try out. Thank you very much for that!
  • I met a lot more people from various skincare and anti-ageing brands, who simply were nice and interesting to talk to.

I call the day a success.

Final word

Have you been at the Anti-ageing Show? Would you like to go? What other similar shows have you been to?

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