Look Great Hair Therapy Heat Wrap Review

Friday 25 April 2014

Look Great Hair Therapy Heat Wrap Review

Microwaveable Heat Wrap for hair therapy
Look Great Heat Wrap for hair therapy
A few months ago I was browsing around on Amazon looking for hair deep conditioning treatments. I came across this thermal heat wrap for professional quality hair conditioning. It's called Look Great Heat Wrap. It costs approximately £25 on Amazon now, although I believe I paid more. I bought the wrap and I put it in the drawer. It was sitting there for a few months until I eventually got it out and used it on my hair with a deep conditioning treatment.

The wrap is great. It is very easy to use and it stays warm for some time. I felt relaxed when using it. The therapy was enjoyable, even though I didn't get great results. I can't blame Look Great for the poor performance though. I think it's the hair conditioning treatment that is not good for my hair. My hair felt like straw after the treatment, but when I used the deep conditioner before without the heat wrap my hair felt the same, so it's nothing to do with the wrap.

What is a Thermal Heat Wrap used for?

  • It is used to boost performance of deep conditioners, reconstructors, hot oil and similar treatments.
  • Can be used to speed up hair colouring.
  • The heat wrap applies moist gentle heat for up to 30 minutes.
  • It opens up the hair cuticle, encouraging conditioners and treatments to deeply nourish the inner hair shaft.
  • The heat wrap can also help control dry, flaky scalp.
  • Can be used for all hair types and textures.

Where and when can you use the heat wrap?

  • You can use the Look Great Heat Wrap while bathing, relaxing or working around the house.
  • It can be used at home or in a professional setting.

How to use the Heat Wrap for hair treatments?

Microwaveable hair heat wrap user instructions
Look Great hair therapy heat wrap user instructions
  • The box comes with the wrap that has 3 pre-inserted thermal gel packs and a disposable inner processing cap to protect the wrap during the treatments or hair colour.
  • You can either heat the wrap in a microwave or you can heat the gel packs on a hob and reinsert them into the wrap.
  • I used the microwave. C'mon, who would use a hob if they had a microwave at home?
  • Heat for 60 seconds on high in a microwave, then check how hot the wrap feels. If you feel that it needs more heat, put it back in for another 10 seconds, then another 10 seconds if required, but overall heating time should never exceed 90 seconds.
  • If the gel packs are getting inflated, wait till they cool down a bit as the gel packs may explode.
  • Do not touch the heated gel packs directly as they may be very hot.
  • Apply your conditioner or any other hair treatment.
  • Cover the hair with the disposable inner plastic cap.
  • Fit the heated wrap over plastic cap with front part resting on middle of the forehead and tail part towards the back.
  • Make sure the ears are covered.
  • Twist the hanging part at the back until the wrap fits tight, then make sure that the hook and loop strip on tail covers the strip on the top of the wrap.

What do I think about the product?

  • It's very snuggly and the warmth makes me feel therapeutic.
  • The warmth is very pleasant, not too hot. It lasts for at least 15 minutes.
  • I think it would work well with the right hair products. It didn't work for me, but I blame the conditioner that I used and not the heat wrap.
  • Very easy to use when heating in a microwave.
  • The gel packs didn't burst for me, but, unfortunately, there are many people complaining about the gel packs bursting. The new ones cost £15 for a full set and you can't buy just one gel pack, you have to buy the whole set, which makes the wrap quite expensive.
  • Overall, it's a great product. Now I only need to find the right deep conditioner to use it with.
  • I would recommend.

Final word

Do you use any deep conditioners for your hair? Which ones do you use if so? Would you bother with a wrap like this?

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