Review of Silhouette Dermalift Eye Neuvo Triple Action Eye Revival Serum

Friday 14 March 2014

Review of Silhouette Dermalift Eye Neuvo Triple Action Eye Revival Serum

I started using Silhouette Dermalift Neuvo Triple Action Eye Revival Serum a few weeks ago. The area around my eyes is feeling great and I feel that it's time for me to review the product and share my experience.

Silhouette Dermalift Eye Neuvo Triple Action Eye Revival Cream
Silhouette Dermalift Eye Neuvo Triple Action Eye
Revival Serum
First of all, I will use the words serum and cream interchangeable, because the bottle has the name serum on it, but the consistency of the product calls for it to be called a cream. Also, a piece of paper that came together with the anti-ageing treatment in the parcel called the product a cream.

What's claimed on the bottle?

It is claimed that Silhouette Dermalift Eye Cream is an effective and extremely innovative treatment for the reduction of lines, wrinkles, bags and dark circles around the eyes. Also, it delivers a more smooth and youthful skin texture and renewed elasticity.

The Eye Nuevo serum will not cause soreness or skin irritation, but care must be taken not to get the cream into the eyes.

The ingredients

It contains two 'magic' ingredients: Eyeseryl and Matrixyl. Both of them are peptides.

Eyeseryl is effective at reducing puffy eye bags and Matrixyl is an active ingredient which helps stimulate collagen synthesis.

Approximately a year ago there was a lot of buzz about the Reading university professor Ian Hamley discovering that Matrixyl could have some anti-ageing skincare benefits. Now a lot of skincare brands are trying to benefit from the new buzz word by creating and marketing products that contain Matrixyl.

Absorbsion of Matrixyl

So, if we accept that Matrixyl in the right quantities can give us smoother skin, how do we know if the active ingredient will be absorbed into the skin? Well, we don't, this is where we either trust the manufacturer or not.

Why is Matrixyl not on of the ingredients list?

Matrixyl is the name given to an ingredient that has a chemical name known as Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 or Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4. If Matrixyl is used in a skincare product, The International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients requires to have the following elements on the contents list: glycerin, water, Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20 and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 or Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4. The mentioned elements represent Matrixyl.

Matrixyl 3000 is claimed to be superior to Matrixyl in some cases. In reality they are completely different peptides and the only thing in common is their name. The underlying chemical elements are different and the name Matrixyl 3000 may have been chosen only for marketing purposes, i.e., to benefit from the popularity of Matrixyl and make it appear that Matrixyl 3000 is better in some way. The reality is that there is no independent studies to prove any superiority of Matrixyl 3000 over Matrixyl.

What do I think about Silhouette Dermalift Eye Neuvo Triple Action Eye Revival Serum?

  • I like the texture of the cream: it's very light and easily absorbed.
  • It has no smell, which is also a plus for me.
  • The area around my eyes is feeling and looking good.
  • I do not dare to claim that it has reduced my fine lines, but I don't say that it hasn't either. The appearance of my face skin is dependent on a lot of factors such as getting a good night's sleep, washing my face properly, eating well and drinking lots of water. One day I am very happy with my skin, next day I am not. I don't think I am able to evaluate the effects of the cream objectively just yet.
  • All in all, it's a good eye serum, which I have enjoyed using and I will keep on using until I run out of it. I do not discount the possibility of buying it in the future.
  • The product is retailed at £25. If you were interested in acquiring one, please contact silhouettebeauty to find your nearest stockist.
If the skin around my eyes becomes noticeably better in terms of wrinkles due to the use of Silhouette Dermalift Eye Neuvo serum, I will update the article accordingly. At the moment, after the use of the cream for a month, the difference is not totally obvious. Nevertheless, it is a good eye cream and a product worth a try.

Final word

Do you use any products containing Matrixyl? What's your favourite eye cream or serum? Do you use an eye cream?

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