10 Benefits Of Rose Water

Friday 21 March 2014

10 Benefits Of Rose Water

Younique Refreshed Pure & Natural Rose Water
Younique Refreshed Pure & Natural
Rose Water
This is an article about how to use rose water in your beauty applications and its 10 benefits. You will find out the skin problems that it helps treat, what it protects you from and what you should use rose water for.

A few weeks ago I received a beautiful pink bottle from Younique with rose water in it. I put the water on my make-up table and I forgot about it. I know I read a few blog posts about it a while ago, but the only thing I could remember was that I had to spray it on my face. Great, but what for? What are the benefits of spraying it? What's the point? As usual I set off to investigate; I can't keep that beautiful bottle decorating my room forever.

What is rose water used for?

There are many uses of rose water and the list seems to be endless, starting with the benefit of face cleansing, healing power, preventing gum problems, therapeutic effect and finishing with some benefits for hair and scalp.

I won't talk about everything, but I will name a few uses and benefits that I find particularly relevant or interesting to me. Bear in mind that you can make your own stuff such as cleansers, tonic and so on with rose water, but I am not into making things. I prefer to buy a ready made product and simply use it, so I will focus on those things and uses that do not require any extra effort.

The 10 most important benefits and uses of rose water:

  1. Rose water has antibacterial properties which help in controlling or reducing acne breakouts.
  2. Anti-inflammatory properties help in reducing redness that is caused by irritated or overheated skin, such as after gym, sauna, steam room, facials.
  3. Astringent qualities help shrink and tighten large open pores, capillaries, reduce redness and blotchiness. As mentioned before, rose water can be used after gym, sauna, steam room and facial procedures due to its anti-inflammatory as well as astringent qualities.
  4. It has aromatherapeutic effect on our mood. The aroma is powerful enough to enhance our mood, relax, promote emotional well-being and help us have better sleep.
  5. Rose water works as a cleanser or toner if used after washing your face. It aids in removing oil, dirt and helps in clearing clogged pores.
  6. Using rose water after make-up seems to be the most popular use of this ancient product. It helps set the make-up, control shine and it gives skin a natural glow as opposed to cakey appearance that we often get after using some powdery cosmetics. I remember my friend told me that her make-up artist sprayed some hair spray on her face after he did her make-up on her wedding day. I was totally shocked, but there was a good reason for that. It was a hot summer day and hairspray apparently helps in keeping make-up in place in case you sweat or alike. I guess rose water would have given her a more pleasant experience. 
  7. Helps control shine in case of oily skin.
  8. Rose water can be used before a moisturiser or instead of a moisturiser.
  9. It smells nice, so it can be used as a refresher. Rose water spray is wonderful to use on a hot summer's day. You can keep it in a fridge and spray on your face when you are very hot. It feels amazing and lifts your mood instantly.
  10. Some people use rose water spray on a make-up brush to moisten it before applying minerals pigment powder.

Now you must be aware of the amazing benefits of rose water in your beauty applications. Knowing of all the benefits and uses of rose water will help you incorporate this amazing ancient solution into your daily beauty routine and regimen. Time to blossom like a rose!

Final word

Do you use rose water? If so, how do you use it and what for?

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