What Happens When You Stop Using Botox?

Friday 31 January 2014

What Happens When You Stop Using Botox?

Every woman wants to look young for as long as possible.  The girls who in their teens or twenties claim that they would never use Botox or they would never have plastic surgeries reconsider their beliefs later in life. Quite a few of them start using Botox in their late thirties and possibly have something else done later on in life.

If you have been using botulinum toxin injections for years and the day has come when you realise that builders don't whistle and people don't turn their heads as you are walking past whether or not your face is frozen by Botox, you start to think that it's time to quit. What happens when you do quit?

Doctors say that your face goes back to its baseline, that is, it slowly gets to the state in which you would have been at this age had you not used Botox ever in your life. Some even claim that using botulinum toxin is even better for your skin as this drug keeps your muscles relaxed, which means that your face skin does not develop any deep lines and wrinkles.

A woman who stopped using botulinum injections after 20 years of using it
Daily Mail: A picture of a woman who stopped using Botox at the age of 60. On the right
you can see the photo of her two years after quitting botulinum toxin injections

What I got for you is a picture of a woman who had been using Botox for 20 years. The lady stopped using it at the age of 60 when she realised that Botox or no Botox makes no difference to her appearance; she does not look young anymore anyway.

I would love to know about the lifestyle of this lady, i.e. the use of sun cream, her eating habits, drinking, smoking habits and her genetics. All of this would affect the quality of her skin.

Although doctors claim that skin will not look worse just because Botox was used, I would like to know how this could be tested as there is no way to see what your skin would have been like had you not used the drug.

The 62 year old woman doesn't have very deep wrinkles, but her skin texture looks pretty bad to me. You may not see it quite as well in my photograph of the newspaper, but the skin looks quite rough in the hard copy version of this picture. I understand that she is 62 and nobody expects her to look like 20, but my mom is 73 and her skin texture looks better than that. My mom's skin is more saggy, but it's less coarse and less wrinkly.

Lifestyle choices and genetics play a big role in the appearance of the skin, so I would love to know a bit more about that woman. Anyway, this isn't going to happen, so it means that everything is just a thought or a consideration which is what I wanted to share with you…

Below is my YouTube video about what happens when you stop using Botox. There is no new information there, so you don't have to watch it. It's for those who prefer listening to reading:

Have you ever used Botox? Do you know any people who use it? Would you consider using it at some point?

Update on 7 May 2014

I have prepared another blog post for you about Botox effect on muscles and a possibility of muscle atrophy due to long term Botox use. Please read the post here.


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