Thursday 2 January 2014


This is a funny story that I heard today. I found it so funny that I rushed to my computer to write about it before I forgot all the details. My tummy hurt from laughing.

Anyway, if you are sensitive to toilet humour or if you are eating you might as well stop reading now, otherwise, carry on as, hopefully, you will find the story very funny just like I did.

The name of the person involved has been invented to maintain the storyteller's dignity and anonymity, but the remaining details of the story are true and factual.

Have you ever heard of a prank where a person puts cling film on a toilet seat, usually in a train or some other public place? I guess nobody would do this in their
How to get back the swallowed tooth crown? - A funny story
Toilet prank? How to get back the swallowed crown?
own house! That film is normally invisible to someone who is trying to use the toilet. If the user of the toilet is a lady she may realise that the toilet seat doesn't feel quite right, but if the user is a man, then most likely he will not notice anything. So, what happens when they are trying to have a wee? Well, the wee bounces off the cling film and splashes everything around, including the unexpectant toilet user.

Matthew, my friend, heard his boss telling others about this prank and then he confessed to me that the only time he used this prank was for himself. I was curious, but I had no idea what he was talking about.

A while ago Matt swallowed his own tooth crown. Well, you know it costs £500 to get a new one! So, guess what he did! Well, he used cling film in the toilet, but for himself, not as a prank.

Yep, he got his crown back, boiled it for a long time and went to the dentist to get it refitted!!!

I guess I don't need to go into more details!?

I don't know how many times he had to go to the toilet with cling film until he got his 500 quid back, but I tell you what - this is a hell lot of imagination as I would never have thought of doing this, regardless of the amount of money involved - it just would not occur to me! Brilliant idea, I must admit!

Do you know any stories that beat this one! I don't! This is definitely the funniest and silliest story that I have heard of in the long time!

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