Should I Give Up On Facial Rejuvenation?

Monday 27 January 2014

Should I Give Up On Facial Rejuvenation?

Feedback review of your experience
When are you more likely to leave a feedback: after a negative or
positive experience?

Negative feedback about my surgery

Today I went to see a doctor as I had a terrible sore throat that had lasted for a few days. The appointment I got was after my child's school hours, therefore, I had to drag my both kids with me to the surgery. It's hard work to go anywhere with two kids, but it's even worse to go to a medical practice which is discriminatory against children, starting from policy which insists that all prams need to be left outside and ending with a screaming session at me each time I go there. They shout at me for not being able to keep my two and four year olds quiet. Well, it's ok to stay quiet if you are an adult, but it's a different story to keep two small children quiet in a place without a single toy, especially when the appointment is late by half an hour!

So, today I got shouted at as usual. I came home all crying and decided to write a review about the surgery. I suppose you have already guessed that the review I left was NEGATIVE. I also left two more bad reviews about a restaurant and the hairdressers in the past.

So, I am one of those who keeps good for myself and screams about all those nasty things that happen to me.

Should we trust the WORTH IT ratings about facial or body rejuvenation procedures or treatments?

This whole experience made me think about the website called The website gives a worth it rating for body, face or other treatments. The ratings are not amazing given the cost of the treatments.

Most of the treatments are expensive or very expensive. They cost anywhere between hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. If I look at the raw data, I doubt I would want to have any of those treatments done on me. Having spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars, I would expect the result that is at least close to a certainty (100%). Also, the post-treatment results may not only be non-existent, they may be negative! So, can you imagine, you spend thousands of dollars and you look worse than you did before the procedure!!!

So, a 55% worth it rate for dysport (it's just another type of botox) or a 57% satisfaction score for fraxel laser does not sound appealing, does it?

People are more likely to leave a negative review

The good news is that people are more likely to share their experience when it is very bad than when it is very good. As a very rough estimate around 20% of people leave a review after a very good experience and approximately 32% after a very bad experience. (Sorry, I managed to lose the link to the research findings, so the percentages given are from my memory only and they are not accurate).

Actual figures that you can see below should be amended for bias and they would become a little bit more acceptable.

Here is an unamended list of some WORTH IT ratings found on

IPL 59% from 381 reviews
Fraxel laser 57% from 658 reviews
Facelift 88% (758)
Eyelid surgery 80% (896)
Dysport 55% (234)
CoolSculpting 70% (752)
Botox 67% (1201)
Chemical peel 64% (183)
Chin implant 69% (164)
LED light therapy 94% (19)
Sculptra 63% (306)
Smart Lipo (laser) 79% (1235)
Tummy tuck 96% (6043)
Mini tummy tuck 87% (193)
Tatoo removal 84% (240)
Vaser liposuction 85% (371)
Smart lipo 79% (1235)
Cellulite treatment 33% (23)
breast reduction 96% (1790)
breast implants 85% (1905)
breast augmentation 94% (3375)
liposuction 78% (1102)
ultherapy 71% (398)
rhinoplasty 83% (2241)
Sleeve gastrectomy 100% (141)

Final Word

  • Given the WORTH IT ratings and the fact that those percentages should be increased to reflect the true worth it rating, would YOU be prepared to have any of these or other treatments done on you (maybe not now if you are too young, but at some point in your life)?
  • Also, do you ever leave any positive or negative feedback? Do you ever leave any feedback at all?

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