French Women Skincare Routine and Tips That Keep Them Gorgeous

Friday 11 October 2013

French Women Skincare Routine and Tips That Keep Them Gorgeous

I came across the article in Daily Mail about French women, their skincare routine tips and tricks, and why they always look so chick. Below you will find the parts that I thought were particularly interesting and relevant to my anti-ageing skincare and beauty blog.
French women skincare
French skin care routine: article from Daily Mail

It is no news that French women always look very elegant. Surely part of the elegance may be attributed to their good choice of clothes, hairstyle, make-up and cosmetics, but there is more to it. So, what's the secret?

The biggest secret ingredient is their discipline. Right from an early age they are taught to look after their skin. They are not taught beauty routine at school, but it goes from generation to generation - from mother to her daughter.

At the age of 12 French females start to properly cleanse their skin and start applying anti-ageing moisturisers and creams at 30.

All French ladies go to a dermatologist. Annual appointment is a necessity, not a luxury. After they are examined for melanomas, they are given tips and advice about the best skin care cosmetics and products.

Many of the doctors recommend baby products because they are gentler on the skin.

Here in the UK everyone is led to believe that we need an eye cream. There, across the Channel, no woman uses it, nor their skin doctors ever recommend it. [Sadly, I spent a fortune on eye creams. Some of them were given as a free gift with a purchase of an expensive moisturiser]

Vitamin C and Retin A that are prescribed by a dermatologist are very effective and they are a must in fighting ageing for every French. You can read about Retin A effect on skin under the section called Active ingredients. Retin A is nothing else but vitamin A.

Don't ignore the decolletage area. If Retin A does not work, have a mesotherapy treatment. A therapist pumps some vitamins and hyaluronic acid with micro needles into the problem areas. Typically, the procedure should be repeated annually. It reduces crow's feet and wrinkles in other areas.

French women skin care regimen often involves making their own exfoliators by mixing almond oil with sea salt. And most of the ladies have a bottle of argan oil that they use all over.

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