Hoodia and Fat Metaboliser's Help in Weight Loss Plus a Funny Story

Thursday 12 September 2013

Hoodia and Fat Metaboliser's Help in Weight Loss Plus a Funny Story

Today I would like to talk about my experience with weight loss pills - Hoodia and Fat Metaboliser. Also, I would like share a funny story that I witnessed with respect to the same products.

What is Hoodia?

Hoodia is a plant originating in South Africa. It is claimed to work as a bulking agent which suppresses appetite by giving a false feeling of satiation.

Fat Metaboliser's effectiveness

Fat Metaboliser increases body's metabolism which means that the body generates more heat or energy. In turn, this causes the person to burn more calories and then more fat.

Did Hoodia and Fat Metaboliser work for me?

I have no problems in keeping my weight off now, but in the past some efforts had to be made to stay slim. Hoodia did not make me feel full, so the whole bottle that I had bought from Holland and Barrett for approximately £40 at a time was sitting on my shelf collecting dust. To be honest, it probably gave me the opposite effect - I would feel particularly hungry after taking Hoodia. The reason for this may have been the fact that the more I ate the hungrier I felt. Expanding my stomach instead of shrinking did no good for me.

After my failed experiment with Hoodia, Fat Metaboliser appeared on my shelf. Its effect is completely different - it made me feel like I'd drunk five cups of strong coffee. I felt a bit shaky after taking the pills, so I left them for the extreme cases at work; when feeling particularly tired I would take half a pill and it would pick me up for the rest of the day.

As far a weight loss is concerned none of the above worked - Hoodia was a complete waste of money, Fat Metaboliser was a great alternative for strong coffee.

A funny story with weight loss pills

Now the story. The names have been invented, but the story is true. I was still living in a shared house with a few more people. The pills - Hoodia and Fat Metaboliser (let's call them FM for now) - had been given away to my housemate, called Chris, who was also looking for ways to speed up his weight loss. Chris took the FM to work for the same magic ability to keep him awake. Hoodia remained untouched.

One evening Chris had some friends around. Everyone but my housemate was planning to go to a pub for a few pints, but Rob was getting a bit tired. Chris was very quick to offer his magic pills that would instantly pick him up at work. FM were not around, but Hoodia was handy. Just to make sure that the pills did the trick Rob double dropped them.

The next day when I inquired about the boys' get together, Chris told me that he had given Hoodia to keep his friend awake before going to the pub. I could not stop laughing - Hoodia does not keep you awake - it bulks up the stomach! Chris flushed, then joined me in with laughs as it was his fault that Rob was feeling nauseous the whole night!

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