Treat Your Cellulite With Guinot Technispa

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Treat Your Cellulite With Guinot Technispa

Today I would like to talk about cellulite and share my experience about using Guinot Technispa triactive anti cellulite treatment in an attempt to get rid of the lumps on my skin.

What is cellulite? Its causes

Mild cellulite on the leg
Mild cellulite on the leg

To put it simple, it is the skin that looks like an orange peel.

Problems with blood circulation hamper removal of fluids which build up under the skin. Fat starts to accumulate into lumps under the skin resulting in bumpy appearance.

The fat cells are lined up perpendicular to the skin surface in women as opposed to the fat cells being lined up in parallel to the skin surface in men. This is why women get cellulite and men don't. Also, a thicker layer of fat in women may be to blame for the bumpy appearance.

Cellulite treatment

Cellulite gets worse with age. It can be treated in early stages. Once it reaches the last stage the damage is irreversible. 

Treatments for cellulite range from physiotherapeutic to topical and oral. One of the physiotherapeutic treatments is lymph drainage which stimulates blood circulation and increases removal of the extra fluid in the tissues. This will also prevent further development of the bumpy appearance.  These treatments are often combined with the topical cosmetic product.

How does Guinot Technispa triactive equipment work?

Guinot Technispa works in three ways: vacuum suction physically breaks down the accumulating fat. The ionisation effect helps topical slimming serum gel penetrate through the skin. Muscle stimulation facilitates fat burning.

My experience using Guinot Technispa

Guinot Technispa triactive anti-cellulite equipment
Guinot Technispa equipment
I went to Sugihara beauty salon in Lithuania 6 years ago to have a mesotherapy treatment on my stretch marks. As my stretch marks were old and white as opposed to pink to indicate that they have been recently acquired, the therapist recommended that I go for a session with Guinot Technispa. The treatment helps with blood circulation which in turn increases effectiveness of mesotherapy treatment. Old white stretch marks are difficult to treat, so I followed the recommendation. After the treatment I felt like after a massive gym session, my clothes felt looser and muscles were sore. I was very impressed. I only had one session but I have wanted to go back since. This summer I went to Lithuania again and decided to have the same treatment. The therapist looked at me and said that given that I was slim she would not use the slimming gel and would skip the slimming part of the treatment. The treatment worked well but it did not seem to be as effective as before. I felt a lot more toned up, cellulite nearly disappeared, but I did not feel like I had lost a dress size. In summary, it is definitely worth having this treatment done, but make sure you put your foot down and do not get any parts of the therapy skipped. The effectiveness I believe depends a lot on the therapist.

The anti-cellulite treatment with Guinot Technispa is fairly pleasant. It is not a relaxing massage as some marketeers say, but the discomfort is mild. I felt electric current passing through my body and vacuum suction, a little bit of cold from the gel being rubbed into my body and nothing more.

To make a huge difference to your body shape and skin around 10 sessions are recommended, but I saw positive effect just after one.

It is a perfect treatment for someone who wants to see immediate results, especially useful before a beach holiday. 

I paid 190 litas (approximately £47) for one session of a full body therapy. It costs £52 to £55 per session in London. Discounts available for multiple sessions. Strange enough there is not a lot of salons that offer this in my opinion very effective treatment in London.

Update to the article on 23 September 2014

I have been once again to have a Guinot Technispa treatment. This time it was here, in London. It was a one hour session. I enjoyed the treatment, but I didn't see any immediate drastic result after one session. Also, it left my skin with blood blisters that lasted a few days, nothing scary or horrible, but I would rather not have them before going on a beach. I wanted to warn about this, because someone who wants a quick body fix before their holiday should know not to leave the treatment for the last few days before going away due to blood blisters.

Another important point I wanted to make is that I asked the therapist why I didn't see such a drastic result after the second time of using Guinot Technispa. The beauty expert asked me if my body had retained a lot of water which was removed during the session giving the illusion of an immediate weight loss. Well, I did really lose weight, but it was water rather than fat. I believe that this is exactly what happened.


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