Should I Tan or will the Tanning Trend be Reversed?

Sunday 21 July 2013

Should I Tan or will the Tanning Trend be Reversed?

How very strange! Up until recently I always thought that sun-kissed bodies looked better. My attitude has changed.

Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud admitted to feeling pressure to be brown and using sunbeds, but she is an advocate of white skin now. Angelina Jolie's skin is pale, but she always looks absolutely stunning.

It is all about perception. As my knowledge of the harmful effects of the sun increased I started seeing things differently.  When I see heavily tanned girls I do think it's somewhat of a pity; a twenty year old cannot imagine herself feeling the effects of ageing.  I felt the same a decade ago, but now I see the damage; my skin would probably be so much smoother had I not abused it.

Getting back to the point, when I see a perfectly tanned young woman I do not think for a second about how good her tan is, I see brown skin that is going to age earlier than it absolutely has to. White skin seems perfectly attractive to me.

There are many articles coming out about premature ageing and wrinkles, increased risk of skin cancer caused by excessive exposure to UV. I hope with the help of some smart celebrities and media attention the trend of having brown skin will die out.

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