Suntan Tips

Thursday 6 June 2013

Suntan Tips

Having too much exposure to the sun damages your skin, causes premature ageing and increases the risk of skin cancer. However, if all these things are not enough to put you off lying in the sun, then keep on reading.

I am in my early thirties and up until recently I was one of those sun lovers. No matter that my mom kept warning me about the increased risk of skin cancer and other damage to my skin, I was a regular user of sunbeds and, obviously, I liked to take advantage of beautiful summer weather with lots of sunshine.  I still like bronzed skin, but I am more prepared to compromise these days.

So, this is my recipe for an even beautiful tan:
  • Always use a sunscreen. If you don't, your skin is less likely to tan evenly. Also, there is an increased risk of getting burnt. If this happens then even with the best efforts it will be really difficult to get that beautiful glow.
  • If you have areas of your body that tan faster than others, use sunscreens with different SPFs for different body parts. For example, my nose is quite protruding and always tans a lot faster than the rest of the face, but it takes a lot more hours of suntanning to get some colour on my legs. I use sunscreen with SPF 50 or 30 on my nose and SPF 10 sunscreen on my legs. The rest of the body will have SPF 15.
  • If some part of your body seems to be lagging behind in getting a tan, cover the whole body up and leave only that part exposed to the sun. This will to give it a chance to catch up.
These are only a few simple tricks that I use, but usually they are enough to get that beautiful summer glow.

I wish you all the best of luck in getting that perfect tan!

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