How to Shrink Large Pores, Can Use of Sunscreen Help?

Monday 17 June 2013

How to Shrink Large Pores, Can Use of Sunscreen Help?

Adult's skin with large pores compared to a child's skin
Some lucky ladies may have beautiful skin, but even the ones who have skin like an angel have to be careful. Beauty does not last forever, and so we should do our best to avoid premature ageing.

Today I would like to talk about enlarged pores that can be a curse for a young person as well as an adult.

What Are Pores?

Pores are tiny openings in the skin that house a hair follicle and are a gateway for the skin's natural oil. Ideally, we do not notice them. However, some people have pores that are larger than they would like them to be. Large pores do not look nice and give the appearance of coarse skin.

What Causes Large Pores?

Some of you have large pores due to oily skin, but even if your skin is dry you may develop large pores due to exposure to the sun. Sun will make your skin lose collagen, elastin and water which means that the tissue beneath the skin will shrink pulling down the edges of the pore. Thus the pore will look enlarged.

How to Make Large Pores Smaller?

If you were born with large pores, then nothing you can do to make them smaller. Use sunscreen and exfoliate your skin to prevent them from getting even bigger.

If your pores are getting larger with age, you may still have a chance to reverse this process. Please read Large Pores Treatment Techniques below. Also, do exfoliate your skin and use sunscreen as prevention.

How to Improve the Appearance of Large Pores?

Although it is often difficult and sometimes impossible to reduce the size of pores, it is possible to improve their appearance.

Unclog the pores by exfoliation, which can be physical or chemical. Physical exfoliators are scrubs that unclog pores through friction. Chemical exfoliators dissolve dead cells and other stuff clogging those tiny openings. Retinoids and alpha hydroxy acids are some of the chemical exfoliators.

Use make-up primer to make your skin appear smoother, apply foundation on top of it.

Large Pores Treatment Techniques

There are various therapies for reducing pore size due to ageing or sun damage. Some therapies attempt to restore lost collagen and elastin which results in more even skin tone, others rub off the top layer of the skin to reveal a smoother texture. The techniques include chemical peels, microdermabrasion, LED light therapy, ultrasound, mesotherapy and laser.

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